Makers' Marketing Workshop


Makers' Marketing Workshop


Why Makers’ Marketing Workshops?

Let's face it, you didn't go into creative work because you love marketing. Stop banging your head against the wall trying to post the perfect content on Instagram, and stay focused on serving your clients and creating amazing art!

In my marketing work for engineers, nonprofits, + my own handmade jewelry biz, I've learned something big: There's an easier way to share stories + gain clients.

In the Makers' Marketing Workshop, I'll walk you through my entire content marketing process, + you'll create simple content that sells - without the headache.

Read on for all the details - including the full course curriculum!

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Instructor: Megan Craig, Small Biz Marketer since 2010

Dates: 1/10 6-8:30pm OR 1/15 10a-12:30pm

Location: Two Roads Accounting @ 17 Emory Place, Knoxville TN


  • Catered Box Lunch from Tomatohead + Coffee from KBrew

  • 15-Page Workbook

  • 2.5 Hours of Instruction + Workshopping

  • 4 Monthly Content Planning Worksheets

  • Ongoing Networking + Accountability

  • 4 weeks of check-in coaching e-mails to keep your marketing goals on track

  • Discounts on future coaching services

Course Curriculum:

MODULE 1: Set Business Goals that Actually Stick: Values-Based Goal Setting

- Cast A Vision - Who Are You?

- Do Your Research - Where is Your Biz?

- Where Are You Going?

- How to Set the Right Goals

- Create Action Plans (Goal-Setting Worksheet Included)

MODULE 2: It’s Not About You: Identify Client + Her Needs

- Get to Know Your Client

- Create Your Client Avatars

- (Client Avatar Worksheet Included)

- Identify Client Pain Points + Address Them

MODULE 3: Steal My Content Creation Process

- Plan the Easiest Editorial Calendar Ever

- (Calendar Worksheet Included)

- Business Goals

- Customer Goals this Month

MODULE 4: My Hack for Writing Quality Content Without Losing Your Mind

- Content Your Client Already Loves (even though you haven’t written it yet)

- Plan a Pretty Feed (even if you’re not a photographer)

- How Much Content to Create per week/month

- (Content Planning Worksheet Included)

Workshop: Group Discussion

Learn More: Books, Tools, + Resources to Keep Your Marketing Plan Sharp