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Are you a mission-minded woman, ready to take your spiritual + creative life to the next level? A mama, a maker, a woman of God aching to grow but you're not sure where to start? Girl, get ready to see God move.

Let's work together!

"Can I just buy you a coffee and pick your brain?" I get this question all the time from artists and creatives who are looking to start the next chapter of their creative journeys. And the answer is absolutely YES.

But I want to invest more than just a cup of coffee into your career. I want to invest what I've learned from 5 years of owning my handmade business,  3 years of professional marketing experience, and 15 years of artistic work into YOU.

I know how hard it is to level up in your creative life. I built New Eve Jewelry on literally next to nothing. On a $40/month craft budget, I launched a little Etsy shop, which bloomed into a (slightly bigger) farmer's market booth, and is now flourishing with 12 retail partners, 9 regional artisan fairs and events, 3.7k Instagram followers and, well, this web shop!

Girl, I've been there. In the insecurity, the lack of knowledge, resources, and vision to know even how to begin. I've taken enough leaps of faith to know this: You can do all things through Christ in you. And by His grace, I'd love to help you get there.

With Me on Your Team, You'll Learn To:

  • Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Thriving Business

  • Market Your Biz to Gain the Perfect Clients

  • Create a Killer Etsy / Web Shop

  • Rock Out Your Next Craft Fair

  • Sell Your Art to Retail Stores

  • Learn to Set God-Centered Goals that Stick

For Your $275 Investment You'll Get:

  • 20-minute FREE Strategy Session to connect + get started

  • 1-Hour Intensive Creative Coaching Session

  • 3-Step Action Plan to get you to the next level in your business

  • 4 weekly e-mail follow-ups from me to help you achieve your goals

  • 4 weeks of unlimited e-mail access to 'pick my brain' whenever you want

Let's Get Started!

E-mail me through the contact form below & we'll schedule your free 20-minute strategy call.

Let's get to work & take your creative journey to the next level! 





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