Keep Your New Years Resolutions - for Community Service & Fashion!

I hope your holiday season was wonderful! I spent mine snuggled close to family and dusted with snow in my hometown in Michigan. This time of year is a fantastic time for a new start, don't you think? Our goal in 2014 is to serve more homeless individuals in our community than ever, by donating 10% of our profits and one night a month to the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. We also aim to make jewelry that's more creative and beautiful than we've ever made, and find more beautiful people like yourself who are excited about wearing it!

2014 is going to be a big year for us! Here are a few events we already have lined up:

Knoxville Fashion Week - I am honored to announce that I'll be showing my Classics collection and debuting my Lilies collection at Knoxville Fashion Week. Join us for the VIP Kickoff Party February 26th, and come see me in the Emerging Designers Show on February 27th! I'll be selling my wares at the KFW marketplace on February 28th and March 1, so come visit me then and be the first to see and own my new collection! Click here for more details.

Home Shows - This year, I'd like to start holding home shows. They'll function a lot like a Mary Kay or Tupperware party, if you've ever been to one of those. More on these later! If you're interested in hosting a shopping party for your friends, e-mail me at

Market Square Farmer's Market - I plan to be back at the Farmer's Market for more fun in the sun this summer! This year, I plan to be there every Wednesday and every other Saturday. More to come on that as well. Click here for more details.

I also hope to host a benefit for KARM, so stay tuned for more event news from us! Happy New Year!