Vintage Style: How to Wear 90's Florals & What Guys Really Think About Flower Crowns

I know 90's florals bring to mind that cute grunge combo look everyone's wearing these days, but that's not me. I own no Doc Martens, although I drooled over them when I was a kid. No, I'm more of a "skipping through fields of daisies" kind of floral chick, and always have been.

My family, circa 1998. Note the black dress, yellow flower, and goofy grin.

I swear I didn't plan it.  But it's all there, down to the cheesy smile.

Vintage huaraches. I love these things.

15-minute DIY flower crown: Just grab a forsythia branch from Jo-Ann & cut two stems off. Twist them together and wrap a ribbon around that. Tie it 'round your noggin. Dunzo.

Note: Men seem to think these are weird, in my experience. I was wearing this the other day, and my brother-in-law come into the room, saw me, & involuntary laughed at me. I now only wear my flower crown to bed. (No I don't.)*

Extreme close-up of gorgeous California Agate slice from Andy's grandmother.
Learn how I DIY'd it here: DIY Wire-Wrapped Geode Necklace.

I have a similar Agate Necklace in the New Eve Shop:

* Only sometimes.