DIY Geode Necklace: How to Wire Wrap a Stone Pendant!

Dust off those childhood rock collection boxes and Ziplocs full of seashells from every vacation since you were four! Now you can turn your pretty trinkets into sentimental heirloom jewelry (that'll make you look like a bohemian goddess to boot) in 10 simple steps. Read on.

You'll need:
1 Geode or Cool Trinket
30 inches of thin soft wire (I use 24g thickness. Grab some at Michael's.)
1-2 pairs of pliers (I mostly used my fingers, but these help.)
1 set of wire cutters
*TIP: If you don't have these tools, snag 'em at Michael's or borrow some from the handy man (or lady) in your life!

1. Cut your 30 inches of wire in half. Twist them together in the center about 3 times using pliers or fingers, making a big X.

2. Place your stone in the center of the X and wrap the twisted section of wire around the bottom.

3. Pull the wires to each side in the front and in the back.

4. Turn your stone to the side, take the front and back wires, and twist them together 3 times using pliers or fingers. Repeat on other side.

5. Turn your stone to the front again. Take your 2 front wires, twist 10-15 times, until you get a long antenna-lookin' wire! Repeat in the back. (You'll for SURE need pliers for this twist!)

6. Take your 2 antenna-lookin' doo-dads and twist them together about 3 times. Now you have a tiny baby alien, or Angelica Pickles.

7. Turn your stone to the side, bend those antennae backward in an arc motion. Wrap them around your pinky finger and make a full circle with each antenna. Bend them with your fingers, tweaking the size to your liking. Turn your stone to the front. You'll have two loops & your wires will now be sticking toward you.

8. Take your man's pliers and wrap the remaining wire around BOTH loops about 3 times. Snip off the excess wire and use the pliers again to smooth the little piece of wire sticking out.

9. (Optional) If you're into a jazzier look than simple, straight wires, grab one of the wires in front with the tip of your pliers. Give it a slight twist. Repeat as needed.

*TIP: This is also a great way to tighten up your wire if it's too loose. Just do it in the back and nobody will ever notice! It'll be our little secret.

10. Slide it on your favorite long chain and wear it! Walk around town all boho-chic, like Nicole Richie and Joni Mitchell all wrapped up into one gorgeous package!

 Your friends will be all, "Where'd you get that?" And you'll smile and say, "I made it!"
You coy little fox, you.

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