5 Things to be Thankful For: A Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus

Me & the bearded wonder!

1. Football games. Not because I love football, but because I know the hubz does, and it reminds me of college and good times with friends and family. I went to Ohio State, a HUGE football school, and it was so much fun to go nuts at all the games! We went to UT's spring game this week and had a blast.

2. $8 Hot and Ready Deep Dish Pizzas. We might as well make it a tradition to be thankful for one food item a week. 'Cause dang. If lovin' these pizzas is wrong, I don't want to be right.

3. New trinkets. Nothing beats my excitement when I've incessantly checked my mailbox for a new shipment of vintage goodies and natural gem beads, and it finally comes! I voraciously rip open the package and get such a high from the gorgeous colors and textures that are good enough to eat.

4. Coffee & Chocolate. I make it a habit to grab a coffee at this joint every time I'm on Market Square, especially for jewelry shop purposes. It's delcious, they are always friendly, and I want to get in the habit of celebrating small victories with New Eve Jewelry! It's good for the soul. They also have awesome handmade chocolates like Bacon Caramels and Blueberry Ganache. Drool.

5. This quote. Last week, I had such an off day that I was fighting back tears in the hamburger line. I kid you not, the owner of the burger joint gave me a lollipop to cheer me up. But I prayed it up, called my hubby, and went on with my day. It wasn't 'til after a nice dirty chai latte that I really perked up though. Could that have been the problem all along? "All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus." -Katie Davis (Buy this print at Recipe for Crazy on Etsy.)