Vintage Inspiration: Dogwood Blossoms

I recently found a bunch of dogwood-themed jewelry at antique shops and even in a bag of unwanted vintage goodies from my sweet friend.

The flowers are so iconic; either white or pink and four-petaled, so they're really easy to pick out.

My friend, as I thanked her for this amazing vintage Stuart Nye dogwood ring, told me to look up their symbolism.
More on the story of Asheville, NC's Stuart Nye Jewelry in a future post!

In the Christian faith, they've been used as a symbol of the cross, with snow-white petals that symbolize Jesus' perfection and tiny holes in the tips tinged with red or pink as his nail-scarred hands. I know this can be kind of a scary concept, but it encourages me that Jesus bore the pain I couldn't.

It reminds me of my favorite verse "By His wounds we are healed." Isaiah 53:5, written permanently on my hand so I'll never forget the scars in his that set me free:

My new tattoo that encourages me every day.

A couple more vintage dogwoods for your enjoyment - these will be used in some glorious spring jewelry!

What's your favorite flower? Ever stumbled upon a trend in your vintage finds? Share your story in the comments!