5 Things Thursday: Friends Like Family & Custom Heirloom Jewelry

1. Friends like Family. I was able to see these amazing friends of mine a couple of weeks ago and we saw an amazing concert and had tons of fun catching up.

2. Josh Garrels' Live Music. The concert my friends and I attended was amazing. It was a surprisingly intimate night of music, not the loud banjo frolicking I expected. We were really touched by the gorgeous way every person in the band knit their sounds together and shared their stories with us. Check him out here.

3. The Mountains! The Smokies are in my backyard, but this is a different area of the Appalachians that I stopped at after visiting my amazing friends. It was an eerily foggy drive to the top, I had a sweet time of prayer and reflection at the top, and on the way down I saw the fog roll down the mountain in the most stilling way. Every time I go to the mountains, it's so freeing. I always throw my arms out and say "I'm free on a mountain!"

More Cool Mountain Pics:

Eerie Fog & Trees

Rolling Fog

Broken Slate in the Most Inspiring Colors

4. Custom orders. A friend of mine asked me to turn one of her grandmother's glass emerald earrings into a birthday necklace for her mother. It means so much to me that you trust me with your heirlooms and allow me to make them wearable again for years to come.

5. Customers from around the world! I've been sending you jewelry to exciting places like Italy, New York, Singapore, Seattle, and Ohio. (Go Bucks!) Next time, can I send myself too?

What are you thankful for today?