5 Things: Vintage Bunny Mugs & Project Runway

This past week has been another roller coaster of traveling and being sick. When will this cold leave me alone? All I can think about is spring coming soon.

1. Thrifted cups of tea. Sometimes you just need a piping hot bunny mug full o' tea. Or two. I love bunnies so much I can't handle it, so I couldn't resist this thrift store find.

2. Project Runway. I know it's old news, but I'm recently addicted to every past season of this show. "Make it work" and "caucus" are now part of my everyday language. I even had a nightmare where I was a designer on the show & missed the trip to the fabric store. But I made it work, 'cause I found some vintage floral sheets in the closet and I sewed a dress out of those!

Wow, someone needs to read a book or something.

3. Vintage Floral Sheets. You laugh at my nightmare, but I really do plan on sewing a spring dress out of a beautiful ivory cherry blossom sheet I thrifted recently. I'll show you photos, no worries. I'm hoping for an end product that looks like the above pic (from Modcloth).

4. This quote. What can I add? Life's been hard for us lately, but God has been SO good. "Marriage: The roots are deep, the covenant is solid, love is sweet, life is hard, and God is good." - John Piper (Courtesy of Desiring God)

5. Leather jackets. Sorry mom, but I really want to ride with the rebels on this one. I might go for the $27 Forever 21 version, but this is caramel soft leather moto jacket is what I really want. In fact, bag up that whole outfit for me. Peach silk blouse? Caramel leather booties? Yes and yes. (Courtesy of We the People)