Jewelry Art: The Marked Body

I'm really inspired by Clarisse Bruynbroeck and her The Marked Body exhibit in Brussels, Belgium. She discusses her sister's anorexia and her desire to reach out to her. Her jewelry has a strong theme of hands as she reaches, sometimes helplessly, to serve this family member she loves.

This is one of my favorite pieces: I Give You Myself. I love how her hand is cradled in this delicate cage, and how the necklace drapes as she offers out her hand.

I've often used jewelry to discuss my experience, and not just make pretty stuff. Eye candy is great but it doesn't reach into the heart. Jewelry's a really cool way of sending a message about yourself, because it's worn so close to the body.

That's why I don't just make jewelry out of mass-produced items. I don't have a studio to do the metal sculpting that I love, but I can make a statement about who I am using refashioned vintage pieces and gemstones. The statement I mean to make with New Eve is that life knocks us around a lot and we can end up a total mess. But we can still be made into something new, fresh, and beautiful by a good & kind God who always loves.

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