5 Things: New Year, New Party!

My dear friend KT blogs at

Watch With Glittering Eyes

& loves to share 5 Things that make her happy each Tuesday.

I thought I'd join the party!

1. My hubby taking me to the flea market last Saturday.

It's so exhilarating to find the diamonds in the rough - sometimes literally! You'll see some of my finds later this week.

2. Art Jewelry

- not only making pretty things but also speaking a message from your soul through making jewelry. I've been so inspired by

Clarisse Bruynbroeck


3. New beginnings

- I've made a lot of resolutions this year and I aim to actually keep them. They include running twice a week, waking up an hour earlier every day to work on New Eve projects, and exploring my city even more with my hubby! So far, so good! And yes, I do look this glamourous when I run.

4. Snow!

We had a snowstorm this past week that was at once dangerous and beautiful. It's rare in East Tennessee so I soaked in the beauty (and the excuse to hide in my house wearing pjs & drinking hot cocoa).

5. Old friends.

What would I do without the girls & guys who still support me, listen to my long rambling stories, laugh at my lame jokes, and hear my heart even when we don't see eye to eye. You all mean a lot to me.

What makes YOU happy?

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