5 Things: Late Edition

1. Grace for being late. And any way in which I'm imperfect, for that matter. Sometimes I think I'm supposed to be able to do it all: Be an amazing wife, friend, sister, daughter, and still rock my day job, make a million necklaces, and finish the dishes. It usually doesn't happen that way, though, and I'm glad God is near in forgiveness and all you friends of mine are too!

2. The Art:21 series. Seems odd/nerdy/old/humble-braggy but I am sincerely inspired by the artists shown on this PBS documentary series. It's free to watch with Amazon Prime so I've been sticking an episode on while making things in my living room. One of my favorites is Ann Hamilton, an installation artist who uses the metaphors of words & textiles to create amazing room-sized pieces of art that effect me even on-screen. Also, she's a Buckeye! O-H! (anybody?)

3. French Press Coffee. When Andy leaves early and it's just me, myself, and I imbibing in my morning addiction, I go for the good stuff. It's a treat since we usually don't have time for it.

4. Ridiculous spell check & errors. What a great reason to laugh unexpectedly! Highlights include "I have your Americans," for "Americano"; "feral" instead of "early"; "My dead friend" instead of "My dear friend". It's the little things, people.

5. That hubby. Not in the cheesy way (this time) but in the "won't take my crap even if it's midnight and I'm already about to only get 5 hours of sleep" way. He relentlessly tells me what is TRUE about life and God when I become overwhelmed with doubt and discouragement. If I'm a whirlwind, he's a deeply rooted tree. I've been a jerk to him lately but I seriously don't know where I'd be without him.

GAH what a cliche! Oh well, you have to read it not me!

Happy Wednesday folks!

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