My Vintage Finds: My Almost-Antique Masterpiece

I'm planning on making my vintage inspiration/ vintage find post a weekly thing! Keep me company on my journey of sharing the stories of some amazing vintage items I've found over my life.

Today, I'm talking about a beautiful, almost antique book I once found: Pilgrim's Progress. The title page said it want printed in 1924! I had trouble getting a non-shiny photo of the front, but it's pretty simple.

It's got this amazing gold foil work on the spine:

And this bookplate! Who was Everett C. Somers? I like to imagine he smoked a pipe. I mean, if his candle was that smoky, and he had owls perched upon his books, I highly doubt the man was pipeless.

Oh, this scrollwork. I could just die. I want a dress made of this pattern and I want to wear it every day!

The modern English translation of this is "A romance, and this I took. To read and drive the night away." - Chaucer. Ever had a night where the darkness felt like it was closing in on you? Or you just couldn't turn off you brain? I have. I've often pulled out whatever beautiful book I've been reading to drive the night away. I love this quote.

In the 20s and 30s, the publisher  Everyman's Library created these elaborate title pages based on the wingding floral designs of William Morris, the frontman of the arts and crafts movement. Gah, his work is so amazing, and definitely an inspo post for another day!

I know. I can't even stand it. It's too gorgeous. His work and philosophy of integrity of craft in the modern age inspire me even today. Now come back in a couple of weeks for some W. Mo Inspo! Yeah, I just said that...

What's the most beautiful vintage book you've found? Share in the comments!

Last photo courtesy of Design Decoration Craft.