Vintage Style Post: The Awe-Inspiring Skort!

Skorts are are the mullet of the fashion world. Business in the front, party in the back, right? The bring to mind the glorious 90s. But sometimes, dangit, those old-school designers of my vintage duds used some amazing fabrics! 

I fell for this 90s skort (well, more like culottes which are equally awful) at the thrift shop because of the gorgeous colors in the floral pattern & the cute fitted bodice. Even Andy thought it was cute, until he realized it was shorts. I told him I'd cut the shorts out and turn it into a dress, and he was sold.

A couple of snips, a little DIY sewing, and a whole lotta ironing, and this cutie was ready for an afternoon date!

I paired it with a straw cloche hat (Sears, of all places) & thrifted vintage Bass wedges.

And I always gotta sprinkle on some New Eve Jewelry!

(Anti-skort photo courtesy of Style Race.)

These photos ran originally at Beautifully Pure.

How To Wear Vintage: 5 Things Your Vintage Wardrobe Is Missing

When you go thrifting, what should you look for? It's hard enough finding clothes that feel beautiful when you're at the mall, let alone while digging through Granny's Bargain Bin! I wore an outfit today that employed some of my most revered rules of thrift shopping.

1. Neutral colors. I wear a lot of black, because it's really easy to make black clothing look chic for cheap. It's always in season, and it always makes you look slimmer. White can be tricky due to nasty stains, so I always go for ivory, brown, and grey when shopping vintage and stick to new pieces when I want a crisp white.

2. Flattering Silhouettes. See how the dolman sleeve on the top hangs as if it's a modern top? See how the skirt nips in at the waist and flares out, highlighting my silhouette? Look for pieces that highlight the best parts of you, and fit perfectly. Trust me, you won't fix that hem anytime soon.

3. Natural, durable materials. Skip the funky paisley polyester and reach for the classic silk, wool, cotton, and leather. Natural fabrics breathe better and stand the test of time. They also make your clothes look more expensive than they really are (bonus!).

4. On-trend colors or patterns. Watch for trends you love & search for them on the vintage racks. This season, try floral, geometric, nautical, & tribal prints, along with leather, black + white color blocking, peach, emerald green, navy blue, mint green, and lavender.

5. Crazy accessories, not main pieces. When I want something kooky to spice up my wardrobe, I almost always go for a scarf or piece of jewelry. Go nuts on these items and keep your silhouette classic and modern, and you'll look sophisticated & timeless rather than costume-y or outdated. Try dark skinny jeans, solid colored blouse, and a kooky paisley scarf; or try that funky African-looking wooden necklace with your favorite little black dress.

This time my accessory of choice was a peach & gold marble necklace, handmade by me! Stay tuned, because it'll be in the New Eve Shop very soon!

What are your vintage shopping & styling tips? Share in the comments!