5 Things: New Life & Hard Grace

I've been taking a minute to write down a few things I'm thankful for every day. It helps me remember how beautiful, kind, and powerful God is. It never fails to encourage me, even just a little bit.

1. New Life: I went for a run today (I know, right?) and came back to find the tiniest crocus peeking out from under a tree in my yard. It was so delicate and beautiful; just what I needed on this gloomy day. I'm so ready for spring!

2. Hard Grace: Our car got towed the other day, and the hubs & I were so angry! It cost a fortune as well. The experience kind of revealed to me how entitled I think I am, and it gave us a chance to ask God for the grace to trust him for the money. What do you know? We found the money, and a smidge of peace to boot.

3. Sweatpants: In the past, I never really appreciated the gift of frumpiness because I love dressing spiffy for every occasion. It's a form of art, of self-expression, right? These days, the self I need to express is sometimes really tired. So she wears sweatpants.

4. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: I've been in love with this modern video blog version of Pride & Prejudice since a few weeks after it began about a year ago. They're now super famous because the entire team is super amazing. Watch. It. Now!

5. Amateur Art: Some of my favorite things to make are usable and wearable, so that's mostly what I do. Hence the Jewelry Shop. However, sometimes my heart just needs to speak through art on a canvas that's not meant to be seen, functional, or impressive. Like a journal in paint form. Or for me, it's currently wood, paint, old diary pages, nails, and string. Intrigued? Maybe I'll show you when it's done. Maybe.

What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!