5 Things Thursday on Saturday: Frozen Greek Yogurt, Gretchen Jones, & Knoxville's Dogwood Arts Festival

1. Sentimental custom orders. It shouldn't give you joy to make people cry, but it totally did for me! Heather asked for a piece that honored her kids & wanted something different and funky. A few months ago she gave me a bag of her grandmother's old jewelry to use, full of beautiful lonely mismatched earrings. I snuck one of her grandmother's earrings into the design, and she LOVED it! Melted my heart.

2. Greek frozen yogurt from the store. What? Can I be thankful for food? Shouldn't you say "peace and unicorns" or something? Yes I can, so sayeth Francis Chan in this YouTube video. Now excuse me while I go gorge myself.

3. Local raw honey. It's supposed to help with allergies, but I confess: I'm totally using pollen as an excuse to drink tea every night with this decadent nectar in it. Ohhh I can taste it even now...

4. Gretchen Jones. Her designs are amazing, and her morals are too. She's a sustainable designer, using fabrics & business practices that are human- and eco-conscious. I watched this speech she gave on her roots, her story of success, and where she's planning on going and it inspired me to be true to who I am & take an unconventional path. I think God is telling me not to worry about things so much, that some things (like financial success, soul peace, and babies) will come in time if they're meant to be.

5. Spring festivals. Knoxville's Dogwood Arts Festival last weekend was a freaking blast! I was able to go and browse the awesome artists' booths, and I even bought something! Which I rarely get the chance to do, being a normal human with a normal human income. It made me super pumped to show in the same space this summer, at the Market Square Farmer's Market! Knoxvillians, meet me there!


PS If you loved Heather's custom necklace and want you own one-of-a-kind piece, holla at me at newevejewelry[at]gmail.com and I'll give you the hook ups!