Vintage Style: How to Wear 90's Florals & What Guys Really Think About Flower Crowns

I know 90's florals bring to mind that cute grunge combo look everyone's wearing these days, but that's not me. I own no Doc Martens, although I drooled over them when I was a kid. No, I'm more of a "skipping through fields of daisies" kind of floral chick, and always have been.

My family, circa 1998. Note the black dress, yellow flower, and goofy grin.

I swear I didn't plan it.  But it's all there, down to the cheesy smile.

Vintage huaraches. I love these things.

15-minute DIY flower crown: Just grab a forsythia branch from Jo-Ann & cut two stems off. Twist them together and wrap a ribbon around that. Tie it 'round your noggin. Dunzo.

Note: Men seem to think these are weird, in my experience. I was wearing this the other day, and my brother-in-law come into the room, saw me, & involuntary laughed at me. I now only wear my flower crown to bed. (No I don't.)*

Extreme close-up of gorgeous California Agate slice from Andy's grandmother.
Learn how I DIY'd it here: DIY Wire-Wrapped Geode Necklace.

I have a similar Agate Necklace in the New Eve Shop:

* Only sometimes.

Vintage Style Post: The Awe-Inspiring Skort!

Skorts are are the mullet of the fashion world. Business in the front, party in the back, right? The bring to mind the glorious 90s. But sometimes, dangit, those old-school designers of my vintage duds used some amazing fabrics! 

I fell for this 90s skort (well, more like culottes which are equally awful) at the thrift shop because of the gorgeous colors in the floral pattern & the cute fitted bodice. Even Andy thought it was cute, until he realized it was shorts. I told him I'd cut the shorts out and turn it into a dress, and he was sold.

A couple of snips, a little DIY sewing, and a whole lotta ironing, and this cutie was ready for an afternoon date!

I paired it with a straw cloche hat (Sears, of all places) & thrifted vintage Bass wedges.

And I always gotta sprinkle on some New Eve Jewelry!

(Anti-skort photo courtesy of Style Race.)

These photos ran originally at Beautifully Pure.