Your Mom is Worth the Best: Our Top 4 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018 - East Tennessee Artist Shares Top Jewelry Gifts for Moms

This Mother's Day, give her a gift as special as she is.

Shop our handcrafted, Scripture-inspired jewelry, including our NEW Limited Edition Gift Set!

Our mamas work, love, laugh, and cry with us. They give all they have, so we can have all we need. So as sons + daughters it can be hard to even begin to think of what we could possibly give to bless and serve them on Mother’s Day. You could brave the crowds at the mall, and find a mass-produced gift, but you’re looking for something as special as your mom is.

A handcrafted, scripture-inspire piece of jewelry is the perfect way to honor your mama and remind her how beautiful she is to you and to God.

Need some ideas? We’ve got you.

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