About Megan

Hello, beautiful! (Looking for my Creative Coaching page? Check here.)

I’m Megan Craig, owner and maker behind New Eve Jewelry. I’m based in Knoxville, TN, surrounded by rolling green hills and sunshine that streams through the home I share with my husband Andy, preschool sons Toby + Elliott, and black lab puppy Layla. I’m a self-taught metalsmith and jewelry designer of 15 years. For even longer than that I’ve been sentimental vintage hoarder,  justice seeker, deeply empathetic, & lover of wild ideas! 

New Eve Jewelry was born in 2012, with the wild idea of starting a handmade jewelry business that benefits our community in need. Since then, we’ve designed pieces for local shops, markets, Etsy, and even Knoxville Fashion Week. We’ve worked with local nonprofits Knox Area Rescue Ministries and Feeding the Orphans to provide homes, food, care, churches, and personal development to our neighbors in need in Knoxville, Tennessee and Ghana, West Africa. 

New Eve Jewelry got its name from Eve in the Bible – God’s first woman. She gets a bad rap, but the truth is that God redeemed her, sending Jesus to bear the punishment for her rebellion. From the moment Eve ran back to God, He made her new. Each piece of New Eve Jewelry, handcrafted with repurposed materials and semiprecious gemstones, serves as a reminder of this. No matter what we’ve done or what our circumstances look like, rich new life can always be found in Jesus.

I pray over each piece of jewelry as I make & send it out, that you’ll be blessed with the knowledge of God’s new life in Christ. We, like Eve, are being constantly remade into His beautiful image, and I pray that for you every day, dear sister.

So welcome, sister! Here, you can find encouragement from the Word, and jewelry that makes you feel as beautiful as the Lord truly sees you.


Praying new life over you today,

Megan Craig, Owner + Artist